Mastery & Companionship

The production team seamlessly blends technical expertise with artistic vision to make sure that proper resources are available to bring each Audio-Visual project to life.

Our team works tirelessly behind the scenes for every step of the filming or audio recording process, from building the cast and crew to securing filming locations and coordinating shoot schedules.

We are your liaison between the on-set production crew and the studio so that each project is made on schedule and on budget.

Tasked with Audio-Visual "all contents" features, the on-set crew brings everything together to actualize each project. In addition to physical filming or audio recording, they are also responsible for building the immersive sets, creatures, costumes, and props of Star Wars that fans have come to know and love.

Imaginary Streams has partnered with several Studios in the World for in-studio filming including an unique expertise for Green-Screen / Blue-Screen / or any other Colour-Key shooting porcesses.

- One epicentre - The Set:
- Assembeling;
- Supervising;
- Directing;
- Realising;
- Our duty - Your Creation.


Mastery and Companionship combined with the sctrict observance of Budget and Time / Time and Budget. We ensure the strict observance of these quintessential audio-visual production laws preserving your content's integrity from 9-15 seconds Social Media video up to a 75-210 minutes Feature-length Film.