Imaginary Builders

[ Business Development ] - From project budgeting to consulting on VFX methodologies and beyond, our Business Development team is here to help you achieve your vision by working with you to plan and prepare your project for a smooth transition into visual effects. Working across each of our industry leading VFX studios, we can design the perfect plan for your precise needs, regardless of project size, format, creative aesthetic or budget.

[ With you throughout your project ] - Every part of our studio, our Art Department, Visualization and Real-Time Production talent, work closely with you throughout your project - through pre-production, on-set and into final VFX - to ensure your vision is delivered exactly as you intended through to the finished movie.

[ With you wherever you are in the world ] - Through our Art Department’s global talent pool and our Visualization and Real-Time Production teams’ ability to deliver fully integrated shooting services both on the ground and on-location at a global scale, we stay with you throughout your project, wherever you are.

[ With you in real-time ] - We work seamlessly with you through collaborative workflows, giving you real-time creative control over every aspect of your project and partnering with you to ensure your project’s success. The demand for creative content and the competition to get it green lit has never been greater, driving the need for creatives to ensure successful pitches by communicating their visions with more accuracy and sophistication than ever before.


By bringing together previously disparate specialisms under one roof, we remove redundancy from the Audio-visual process, saving time and resources and empowering creatives to realize their visions quicker and with greater control to take their stories to the next level.

You will have access to the tools and talent to help you communicate your vision right from the start of your project, helping you get it green lit and keeping your inspiration at the heart of the process through production, post production and onto the screen.

[ I- Scripting ] - [ II - Legal & Budgets ] - [ III - Creative planning ] - [ Step - Logistics ]

> Unveil the reality of your audio-visual project:
> Initial budget estimation;
> Pipeline, workflow and budgetary planning;
> Risk assessment and core risks;
> Adaptive Optimization;
> Our expertise - Your decision.