Imaginary Borders

Our post-production team offers complete and integrated picture and audio services for Films, Television, animation, games... We provide a broad range of resources that encompass location services, multi-editing processes and conform, colour and delivery. Driven by exceptional talent, seamless workflows and cutting-edge technology we reliably deliver outstanding work to the leading studios and independent content creators.

The unreal exceeds reality with Imaginary Streams team of VFX experts. We support content creators across the globe creating stunning visual effects that couple extraordinary talent and innovative technology. We have locations in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Hamburg allowing us to provide around the clock resources to our clients 24/7.

The Other Half – Audio. Leading force in production direct-recording and post-production audio. We are dedicated to advancing storytelling through visionary sound. Our award-winning creative talent engage with filmmakers and content creators around the world. We bring our innovative and imaginative approach to clients in the Features, Broadcast, Interactive, Commercial and Music Editorial spaces and have received numerous accolades and awards for our craft.

Imaginary Streams restoration and reconstruction audio department is simply unique and its achievements are breathtaking.


We provide a broad array of services that take advantage of our skilled staff, innovative workflows, and the latest in digital technology. We provide solutions for every stage of your content’s life cycle, from production through distribution to archive.

As the innovator of the industry’s most efficient and advanced finishing technology, we partner with the world’s largest brands and studios customizing workflows to launch thousands of successful marketing campaigns across television, film and commercial trailers, broadcast / online promos and radio.