Who We Are


A well-respected produciton executive, Hirsch is the co-founder of Imaginary International Ltd - 1980.

RUTH KOCHAV - General Manager

In this post, Kochav has both strategical and operational oversight of all Imaginary International Ltd departments.

GEORGE MIDDLETON - Senior Executive Producer

In this role, Middleton oversees all aspects of development and production for Imaginary Streams' audio-visual projects.

MARTHA SEGAL - Unit Supervisor

Segal serves as Unit Supervisor with full responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of Imaginary Streams' production activities.

MAXIMIANNO COBRA - Senior External Consultant

Since joining Imaginary Streams as Senior External Consultant, Cobra and his team have grown our script and unscripted audio-visualportfolio exponentially: film, broadcast, streaming, cable, digital and first-run syndication.