- Unveiling the reality:
- Initial budget estimation;
- Pipeline, workflow and budgetary planning;
- Risk assessment and core risks;
- Adaptive Optimization;
- Our expertise - Your decision.
"Such Stuff as Dreams"

Dr. StrangeLove - Stanley Kubribck - "The war room" - Skecth - Design by Ken Adams


- One epicentre: The Set:
- Assembeling;
- Supervising;
- Directing;
- Realising;
- Our duty - Your Creation.
"Suiting the action to the word, the word to the action."

Dr. StrangeLove - Stanley Kubribck - Filming Session


- Raw Magic & Seweet Boxes:
- The Audio universe - music, sounds, foley...
- Editing, CGI, VFX, and Evolvements;
- Adjsutements and Improvments;
- Mixing and Grading;
- Our Joy - Your Success
"Turning the accomplishment of many years, into an hour glass."

Dr. StrangeLove - Stanley Kubribck - Director's Cut



  • Content

    Fiction - Animation - Commercial
    Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to our customers, creating written and/or visual content around those ideas,
    and making that information accessible to a target audience using the most appropriate format to spread its content.

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  • Production

    Pre & Post
    From Pre-production until the delivery of your DIGITAL CINEMA PACKAGE / DCP - ready for distribution and sales.
    [ I- Scripting ]     [ II - Legal & Budgets ]     [ III - Creative planning ]     [ Step - Logistics ]

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  • Consulting

    Expertise and pragmatism
    We consult with local producers in designated territories, on all aspects of your scripted and unscripted format productions, ensuring that the local production is of the best quality possible, and adheres to the key elements and branding of the format. We will also provide assistance in further exploitation of, as well as developing the formats in order that they be as successful as possible in the territories and/or for the channels to which they are licensed.

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